Dr. Román Rostagno
Director del Grupo Médico

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Digital Technology Helps the Rostagno Medical Group Create
a Center for Excellence in Women’s Imaging
Buenos Aires, Argentina

When the Rostagno Medical Group opened its doors in 2009 it was one of the few diagnostic centers in Argentina dedicated solely to women’s imaging.  Founder and director of the clinic, Dr. Roman Rostagno brought together a team of six radiologists experienced in breast imaging and equipped them with state-of-the art technology to create a centre of excellence for women’s health.

As founding president of the chapter of the Breast Imaging of the Argentine Society of Radiology, and president of last meeting of SIBIM (Iberoamerican Society of Breast Imaging) in Buenos Aires, September 2009, Dr. Rostagno knows the importance of early identification of breast cancer and the difference technology can make in the detection and categorization of small lesions, in every women. “I opened my new clinic to focus exclusively on providing women with access to the most advanced technology for the early detection of breast cancer,” states Dr. Rostagno.

Located in Buenos Aires, the clinic offers comprehensive breast health services including, digital mammography, breast ultrasound, and stereotactic and core biopsy services. When it came time to purchase equipment for the new clinic, Dr. Rostagno relied on his previous experience with digital technology as well as the experience of his colleagues.  He installed one Hologic Selenia®  digital mammography systems, Suros ATEC® core biopsy solution, and Hologic’s R2™ ImageChecker® CAD (computer-aided detection) system. “I chose Hologic because I saw a demonstration of the equipment and it was fantastic.  Plus, many radiologists I know in other countries, including Chile and Brazil, are working with the equipment and they recommended I use the Selenia.”

Digital Technology Captures Images Faster and More Efficiently
“When I saw the potential of full-field digital mammography (FFDM), compared to images obtained with analogue systems, I did not hesitate to incorporate it,” states Dr. Rostagno.  Dr. Rostagno was impressed with the resolution of the digital images, which is particularly important in the identification of microcalcifications. “The most significant advantages are visible in pre-and peri-menopausal patients with dense breasts.”
Dr. Rostagno and his team are also impressed with how quickly and efficiency the Selenia captures images. With digital technology, images are available immediately; there is no film to develop and there is no downtime while the technician processes film. “The Selenia obtains images faster and more efficiently than analog systems,” states Dr. Rostagno.  “Digital technology has really changed our process, reducing the time required to capture, review, and interpret the images. We are able to provide women with results much more quickly.”

The clinic’s radiologists view the digital images on one Hologic SecurView™ diagnostic workstations which enable radiologists to magnify an area, change contrast, or alter the brightness of the digital image. “I can manipulate an image to get a better view of any lesions or abnormalities,” explains Dr. Rostagno.  Digital technology also simplifies the storage and retrieval of images allowing the clinic’s radiologists to obtain prior images quickly and compare current and prior images side-by-side on the monitor. 
For example, in the past, it took me 30 to 40 minutes to perform pre-operative wire localization; now, with FFDM, I can complete the procedure in 5 minutes.”
 “The ability to save images for future comparisons also is very important especially if you see the patient every year,” states Dr. Rostagno.
The clinic performs biopsies using the Suros vacuum assisted biopsy device, which enables the removal of multiple samples with a single needle insertion. “I like the speed of the procedure with Suros and the amount of tissue I can remove from the patient,” explains Dr. Rostagno.
“We are also using Hologic’s R2 CAD to assist in the detection of findings, but until now we haven’t recognized substantial advantages…that may be  possible in the future… ” says Dr. Rostagno. “FFDM is a platform that will allow us to incorporate more complex technologies such as tomosynthesis, angiography, and telemedicine, in the future.”

“The advantage of digital technology is tremendous, and combined with our experienced radiology staff, it provides our patients with the highest level of care,” concludes Dr. Rostagno.  “We have been able to reduce the time required for testing and provide women with results much faster. I am very happy with the equipment I have chosen.”



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